Build a single page

Sometimes you’d like to build a single page of content rather than an entire book. For example, if you’d like to generate a web-friendly HTML page from a Jupyter notebook for a report or publication.

You can generate a standalone HTML file for a single page of the Jupyter Book using the same command:

jupyter-book build path/to/mypage.ipynb

This will execute your content and output the proper HTML in a _build/_page/html/<mypage> folder. If the file is in a subdirectory relative to the _build folder, the HTML will be in a _build/_page/html/<subdirectory-mypage> folder.

Your page will be called mypage.html. This will work for any content source file that is supported by Jupyter Book.


Users should note that building single pages in the context of a larger project can trigger warnings and incomplete links. For example, building docs/start/ will issue a number of unknown document, term not in glossary, and undefined links warnings.