Generate book files from a Table of Contents

It is possible to use a _toc.yml file in order to create the skeleton of a book automatically. This is useful if you wish to quickly generate empty files from a single structure, and then populate them with content yourselves.

To create your book’s files from the Table of Contents, use the following command:

jupyter-book toc to-project path/to/_toc.yml

This will generate a collection of files according to the structure in _toc.yml.

In addition, you have a few options to control the behavior of this tool. See below for reference.

Usage: jupyter-book toc to-project [OPTIONS] TOC_FILE

  Create a project directory from a ToC file.

  -p, --path DIRECTORY      The root directory [default: ToC file directory].
  -e, --extension [rst|md]  The default file extension to use.  [default: rst]
  -o, --overwrite           Overwrite existing files.
  -h, --help                Show this message and exit.