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Build and publish outputs

Build and publish outputs#

These sections cover aspects of building and publishing your book - that is, generating output artifacts using your book pages.

You can generate a variety of build outputs, such as HTML outputs and PDF outputs via either Latex or HTML. These outputs can be published and shared with others in a variety of ways, which we describe in this section as well.

Generate a badge for your book#

You can generate a badge like this so that others know your repository and content files are built for Jupyter Book. Here’s what the badge looks like (only visible on HTML):

Jupyter Book Badge

To generate the badge, copy the code block below, and replace <YOUR URL HERE> with the URL of your choice.

[![Jupyter Book Badge](https://jupyterbook.org/badge.svg)](<YOUR URL HERE>)

Additionally, you can generate a badge directly from shields.io. Here’s the URL to auto-generate the badge above, using a base64-encoded version of the Jupyter Book logo. Feel free to modify this as you wish!